5 Perplexing Questions About the Outdoors!

Guest post by Gerry Bishop

child_sniffing_flower_Amber-Hunter_150x209Curious young minds often wonder about the birds, squirrels, trees, and other things they see outdoors.  Has your child ever stumped you with a question about the natural world?  Parents don’t have to be experts–you and your child can discover the answers together!

We can help.  Here are a few of the many puzzling nature “happenings” you might discover when outside with your child.

Do you think you and your young one can pick the right answers to these tricky teasers?

      1. Why is that seagull walking around in a parking lot many miles away from the sea?

        a. The strong winds of a storm blew it there.
        b. It got lost while migrating and decided to stop for a much-needed rest.
        c. Parking lots can be good places for seagulls to find food.
        d. It has just finished shopping and is looking for its car.

      2. Why is that bird lying flat on the ground with its wings spread out?

        a. It’s taking a sunbath
        b. It got so tired from flying that it just collapsed there.
        c. It’s hiding its babies under its wings.
        d. It’s letting ants crawl on its body.

      3. Why is that squirrel shaking its tail?

        a. It’s signaling that it’s angry or scared.
        b. It has a nervous twitch.
        c. It’s fanning itself to keep cool.
        d. It’s trying to shake off something sticky.

      4. boyatoverlook_Kretyen_219x219Why is that deer rubbing its head against a tree?

        a. It’s got a bad case of “antler itch”- a common problem in deer.
        b. It’s trying to push the tree down so it can eat the leaves.
        c. It’s leaving its scent on the tree.
        d. It’s getting in shape to fight other male deer.

      5. Why is that worm crawling around on the sidewalk after a hard rain?

        a. It’s looking for tiny bits of food that fell with the rain.
        b. It’s a sidewalk worm–a close cousin of an earthworm– and that’s its normal habit.
        c. The worm has crawled out of its flooded burrow to keep from drowning.
        d. It’s waiting for its friends to play hopscotch.

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