Join Us for the Launch of NWF’s Storytelling Video Diary Series

When I was young, I was that kid who had a secret notebook and wrote down everything. Even at the age of 10, being a writer—being a storyteller—was all I ever wanted. I still believe in the power of sharing stories, so it’s a great honor to invite you to join the National Wildlife Federation as we kick-off our new Storytelling Video Diary Series.


3… 2… 1… Liftoff!

For the next six months we’ll publish weekly video blogs, such as this one about the Sky Dance of the American Woodcock.

There are 10 participants from around the Federation: Lindsay HauswaldCarla BrownDanielle Moodie-MillsBeth PrattBentley JohnsonKendall Mackey, Tony Summers, Nic Callero, and Ryan Stockwell, and myself.  

I know I speak for all the participants when I say “Welcome!” We look forward to sharing our stories from around the Federation with you.



National Wildlife Federation’s Storytelling Video Diary Series shares the candid tales of 10 NWF staffers from around the country; armed with their cameras in the Great Lakes, California, South Dakota, the Pacific Northwest, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC, these 10 staffers will share with you their individual trials, epiphanies and stories as they unfold in their daily adventures.