My Green Roof Halloween Costume

Guess what I am this year for Halloween? The green roof on PS41 in New York City!!!

Green roof Halloween costume
My green roof Halloween costume, inspired by the green roof at PS41 in New York City

I emailed our friends at PS41 this morning to see how they were doing after Hurricane Sandy. Science teacher Joaquin Rodriguez said they were without power still, and could not visit the school to see how it is doing, but we’re hopeful they will be back in the next week. We’re thinking about them!!!

I was so inspired by my visit to see the green roof at PS41 last month, that I dedicated my Halloween costume to their courageous and inspiring efforts.

How did I make the costume?

Here’s the materials that went into my costume:

  • My husband donated two pairs of gray work pants that had patches, which I cut up and sewed into the stone walls of the school.
  • The windows are used plastic bags.
  • The green fabric was part of a tent my son destroyed after much playing.
  • The leaves are made from Lindt chocolate wrappers (from a thank you gift that my co-worker Pat gave me) and Fruit-a-Bu fruit leather packages, cut into leaf shapes and glued on to  green twist ties.
  • The flat part on my shoulders is made from a piece of cardboard, reinforced by two wooden dowels.

My costume won in the recycled category here at National Wildlife Federation’s Halloween costume contest!

For information on past year’s recycled costumes, check out my recycled Halloween costume blogs.

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