Wish They All Could Be California Squirrels…


Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day! California is home to ten species of these cute and mischievous critters, including the state’s namesake animal: the California Ground Squirrel. In celebration of Squirrel Appreciation Day, here are some California squirrel stories that show why the Golden State’s squirrels are the cutest [and most intrepid] squirrels in the world.

1. Curious squirrel causes 11,000 resident to lose power in Berkeley and Oakland: In October, a curious squirrel exploring transmission equipment at a PG&E substation caused thousands to lose power for three hours, disrupting evening plans and causing many loyal Cal fans to miss the televised football game. “That’s impressive work for a squirrel,” admitted one business owner to Oakland North.

2. Squirrel vs. Lamborghini: A squirrel that successfully dodged a Lamborghini traveling 100 mph on a California racetrack made CNN. That was one squirrel determined not to become roadkill.


3. This squirrel knew the way to San Jose: A yellow-bellied marmot (a large ground squirrel) hitched a ride from Yosemite and was seen near a storm drain in San Jose. Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley (WCSV) and WildRescue helped capture and transport the animal back home to Tuolumne Meadows. Check out this great video from WildRescue:



4. RoboSquirrel: Researchers at UC Davis are using robotic squirrels to study the interaction between squirrels and rattlesnakes. Apparently, squirrels are quite adept at evading snakes and RoboSquirrel might help scientists figure out why. As one researcher commented. “Squirrels have a remarkable ability to move out of the way of an oncoming snake strike,” he said. Even adult squirrels that do not seem to be aware of a snake will often successfully dodge a strike.” Can’t wait for RoboSquirrel the movie!


5. Squirrel Siesta: California squirrels know how to relax. During a record heat-wave in the state this summer this squirrel took a long daily siesta.

squirrel siesta

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Published: January 21, 2013