Grab Your Camera: A Simple Way to Celebrate Earth Day

Here’s a simple, fun way to celebrate Earth Day… share the beauty of nature as seen through your camera lens.

Whether it’s a cheetah in Africa, a beautiful hummingbird in your own backyard, a meadow covered in wildflowers or a stunning coast, photos of the nature all around us moves us, inspires us and reminds us of all we have to protect.

Lake Superior
Lake Superior coast. Photo by Steve Perry. 2012 National Wildlife Photo Contest.
So this year we suggest you celebrate Earth Day by grabbing your camera and capturing some of the beauty around you. You don’t even have to go outside! Get seven ways to take great nature photos without leaving your house in our article How to Photograph Wildlife Through A Window, including tips on how to avoid problems with the glass, using the house as a blind and getting up close without a telephoto lens.

Of course, if you are planning to go a little farther than your own backyard, we suggest checking out these 13 stunning photos that use water to showcase the beauty of wildlife, landscapes, trees and the sky for inspiration and then get out there and enjoy the wonders of nature.

Visit our Nature Photography Tips Center for ideas and advice from pro photographers on photographing flowers, small animals, subjects in the rain, and more.

In honor of Earth Day, we invite you to join our 43rd Annual National Wildlife Photo Contest.

Entering is easy. Just snap some new photos, or choose some of your favorites from your photo albums, and share them with your fellow nature and photography enthusiasts by entering this year’s contest.

We have amazing prizes for this year’s winners, including our Grand Prize, expense paid trip to Manitoba Canada to see and photograph polar bears! Plus great prizes for the winners in seven categories and our People’s Choice award.