Catch the “I Will Act on Climate” Tour in Great Lakes

The "I Will #ActOnClimate bus is touring the U.S.
The “I Will #ActOnClimate bus is touring the U.S.
As August rolls in, so does the “I Will #ActOnClimate” bus tour into the Great Lakes.

The stakes couldn’t be higher for the Great Lakes and treasured ecosystems across the country.

Carbon pollution was just measured at the highest levels in human history. The costs of inaction are already apparent: more destructive and deadly extreme weather; rising global temperatures; life-threatening diseases; and skyrocketing costs for disaster recovery.

Support for Action on Climate Change

Americans support action to face these risks.  In a recent Hart poll, nearly two-thirds of voters (65%) support “the President taking significant steps to address climate change now.”

Many utilities have made investments in cleaner forms of energy and away from the dirtiest fossil fuels like coal.  Asking the laggard utility companies to clean up their dirty coal-fired power plants is just common sense. Just as we ask our elected officials to protect our health from arsenic, mercury and lead, we should work to protect our health and future from dangerous carbon pollution.

Climate Action Benefits to Americans

In fact, the EPA could cut carbon pollution from America’s power plants by a quarter (26 percent) by 2020, saving Americans between $26 to $60 billion in saved lives, reduced illnesses, and climate change avoided, for less than $4 billion. And most of that $4 billion would be invested in new technologies and clean energy, putting Americans to work.

And, as Tom Henry, a respected environmental journalist at The Blade, in Toledo, sees it, the Great Lakes could benefit the most from science-driven climate change policies.

Great Lakes “I Will Act On Climate” Tour

Please join us for one of the upcoming stops of the I Will #ActOnClimate bus tour.

The bus tour is helping to bring national attention to President Obama’s new plan to tackle change through limits on carbon pollution—and we need you there to show the strong local support for climate action. New limits on carbon pollution are critical to protecting wildlife from migratory warblers in Ohio to native walleye in Lake Erie and polar bears in Alaska.

The events will feature a mix of federal, state and local officials, economic development leaders, clean air and clean water experts and activists, faith and labor leaders, and other responsible Americans who trust science over rhetoric bought and paid for by the dead-end holdouts within the fossil fuel industry.


Chicago – Saturday, August 3rd – 11:00am – Apostolic Church of God, 6320 S. Dorchester Avenue

Muskegon, Michigan – Monday, August 5th – 11:00am

Detroit, Michigan – Monday, August 5th – 3:00pm

Columbus, Ohio – Tuesday, August 6th – 3:00pm – Grass Skirt Tiki Bar, 105 N. Grant Ave.

Cincinnati, Ohio – Wednesday, August 7th – 10:00am – Cincinnati Museum Center, Union Terminal, 1301 Western Ave.

Dayton, Ohio – Wednesday, August 7th – 1:30pm – Dayton International Peace Museum, 208 West Monument Ave.

Toledo, Ohio – Thursday, August 8th – 10:00am – Cullen Park Boat Launch, 4500 N. Summit Street

Cleveland, Ohio – Thursday, August 8th – 2:00pm – Trinity Cathedral, 2230 Euclid Ave.

Let us know if you can attend by emailing