Art Inspired By Nature: Beautiful Vectorfunk Wildlife

Art and design can communicate the beauty of nature and wildlife in such vibrant ways. The following series is created by the talented and prolific artist Matt W. Moore who produces detailed and typically abstract artwork that decorate streets, magazines, canvases and more. For his ‘ Wildlife Series’ Matt’s inspiration came from his favorite animals from childhood, while he was growing up in New England.

“Most of my graphic artwork, illustrations, and murals are abstract concepts, so it was a lot of fun to take the forms from that style of my work and cross pollinate it with more realistic and representational content.” says Matt.

These beautiful pieces are just the start of the series. Matt plans to continue to add animals to the series, such as salamanders, hawks and owls. We look forward to his future additions!

CricketCricket Close-up mwm_bat_1 mwm_bat_2 mwm_Lobster mwm_moose_1 mwm_moose_2 mwm_raccoon_1 mwm_raccoon_2 mwm_scarab_1 mwm_scarab_2 mwm_squirell_1 mwm_squirell_2 mwm_wildlife_series_sunfish_1 mwm_wildlife_series_sunfish_2 mwm_wildlife_series_turtle_1 mwm_wildlife_series_turtle_2 mwm_wildlife_sparrow_1 mwm_wildlife_sparrow_2


How do wildlife inspire you in what you create? Tell us in the comments!