Child holding cricket
Photo by National Wildlife Photo Contest entrant Andrea Underhill.
Many of my close friends have young children now, and though the kids are all different ages (2 – 10), they have one thing in common: they all like animals. So, this holiday season I went searching for gifts that would please animal-adoring kids.

It seemed natural to start close to home…well, work… since a very big part of National Wildlife Federation’s mission is to connect children with nature and one of the main ways kids connect with something is by having fun. NWF has a variety of things that are designed to appeal to children that like nature and wildlife.

To help with last minute shopping, some of these gift options are immediate downloads or are delivered over the course of a year like this first one…


Ranger Rick® and Ranger Rick Jr. magazines

Ranger Rick Jr. magazine coverFilled with animal facts and adventures, amazing photos, and fun activities, Ranger Rick® and Ranger Rick Jr. magazines are ideal edutainment for kids that love wildlife.  Even adults can learn something new – such as the fact that a hippo’s sweat is red! I know that really cool fact thanks to an issue of Ranger Rick Jr.™  Each issue covers a variety of topics, contains zero outside advertising, and is printed on paper that is Forest Stewardship Council certified as derived from responsibly managed sources. Both magazines are also available on the Nook!

For Ages: 7 to 12 for Ranger Rick® magazine; 4 to 7 for Ranger Rick Jr.™ magazine

How much? $19.95 for a one-year subscription; 10 issues per year.

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Ubooly and Ranger Rick® Outdoor Adventure Play Packs

Ubooly toy What child wouldn’t enjoy a cute, funny creature to play outside with them? That’s Ubooly – the learning toy that listens and responds to kids. Your mobile device sits inside Ubooly’s protective memory foam body and comes to life through an app that contains hours of entertainment and adventure. NWF and Ubooly partnered on two special Outdoor Adventure Play Packs—a Ranger Rick® Play Pack for ages 6 and up and a Ranger Rick Jr.™ Play Pack for ages 5 and under. Ubooly leads your child through activities, games and crafts designed to create fun, outdoor adventures that get them moving, laughing and learning.

For Ages: 6 and up for Ranger Rick® Play Pack; 5 and under for Ranger Rick Jr.™ Play Pack

How much? $29.95 gets you an Ubooly plush and both the Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr. Play Packs. Compatible with iPhone, iPod and Android devices.


Symbolic Animal Adoptions

Moose adoption kitYour symbolic adoption helps protect the wildlife your kids love and lets them bring home their favorite species as a poster and plush toy (the actual animals stay in the wild where they’re happiest). A wide variety of species from alligators to whales are available for adoption, and each adoption kit supports National Wildlife Federation’s work to help ensure wild animals and wild places stick around for future generations.

For Ages: 3 years and up

How much? Adoption kits start at $20. Each kit comes with a certificate and poster; kits $30 and up come with a plush toy of the animal.



Mobile and Tablet Apps from Ranger Rick®

Ranger Rick Jr. Appventures: BearsKids can tag along with Ricky Raccoon to learn about bears in the Alaskan wilderness, be star nature photographers, and explore Ranger Rick’s treehouse, to name just a few of the fun options. The apps feature nature and wildlife themed games, comics, articles, mysteries and more. It’s screen time designed to increase children’s creativity and inspire their sense of outdoor adventure even while staying indoors.

For Ages:  Each app has its own age range. Youngest is 2 years; oldest is 12 years

How much?  Prices start at $0.99


Science and Nature Themed Gifts and More

Ranger Rick-opoly Game
NWF’s catalog also carries a variety of gifts just for kids, including apparel, puzzles, games, and science-themed activities. To give you an idea, the range includes Sun Art Paper Kits, a “Levitation Science” kit using magnetic fields to float different objects, and even Ranger Rick-opoly.

For Ages: Products available for kids as young as 3 years

How much? Most items between $10 to $50