Weekly News Roundup: A Huge Win for Wildlife and more!

On Monday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed rules that would put limits on carbon pollution from power plants. Issued under the Clean Air Act, the rule will give states a variety of options for cutting carbon pollution. These new standards have been long awaited and are now being welcomed by senators, representatives and governors all across the country.

This picture of a polar bear shaking off was donated by National Wildlife Photo Contest entrant Steve Perry.
Polar bears will benefit from reduced carbon pollution. Photo donated by National Wildlife Photo Contest entrant Steve Perry.

Take Action! Send a message of support to the Environmental Protection Agency and urge them to quickly finalize strong limits on carbon pollution!

In other news, the Great American Backyard Campout is approaching faster than ever! If you haven’t already pledged to camp, here are 10 amazing reasons why camping is worth the effort. For those of you that are a fan of #selfies, join the rest of the NWF family and start taking #campies in spirit of the Great American Backyard Campout!

What’s happening at the National Wildlife Federation this week?

America Goes Wild with this Year’s Great American Backyard Campout

FamilyFun MagazineJune 3Go wild this summer and explore the jungles of your own backyard with National Wildlife Federation’s widely popular national family event, Great American Backyard Campout. In conjunction with Great Outdoors Month, the annual event encourages people of all ages to camp in their backyards, neighborhoods, parks and campgrounds, as a simple way to reconnect with nature!

EPA Carbon Rules a Landmark Step to Protect America’s Outdoor Heritage

Moose and calfJune 2 – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy today unveiled landmark new limits on industrial carbon pollution from existing power plants.

Collin O’Mara, incoming president and CEO who joins the National Wildlife Federation on July 7, said today:

“The National Wildlife Federation and our affiliates look forward to working with the administration and the states to achieve the new standards and protect wildlife across the nation.”

National Wildlife Federation and the American Camp Association® Partner To Reconnect Families with the Great Outdoors

little campersJune 3 – National Wildlife Federation (NWF), whose mission is inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future, is pleased to announce a partnership with The American Camp Association (ACA). Through this partnership, NWF and ACA will promote Great American Backyard Campout which encourages families across the nation to gather outdoors and camp on June 28, 2014, and the importance of reconnecting families with the outdoors.

“NWF and ACA are committed to helping families view the outdoors as a source of fun and healthy recreational time,” said Maureen Smith, chief marketing officer at National Wildlife Federation. “ACA and NWF will share their resources like wildlife guides, outdoor activities, and more to help parents make nature an exciting part of their children’s everyday lives.”

NWF in the News:

The National Journal: What Angers Environmentalists About Obama’s Global-Warming Rule

“We’re focused on the near-term target—25 percent below 2005 by 2020. This is a strong target but we think even more is possible using some of the compliance options that EPA laid out, particularly energy efficiency. We’ll be working to show EPA this via our comments,” said Lena Moffitt, National Wildlife Federation’s climate and energy program manager.”

Fox News: Tips for seeing wildlife when camping

“David Mizejewski, naturalist & wildlife expert for the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), says camping and observing animals in nature is fun for the whole family – but he cautions against taking selfies with squirrels.”

Houston Magazine: Born Cool, Grow Hip

“Kids need to experience camping, especially in their youth when the wonders of the outdoors can influence their future love for nature and wildlife,” said Maureen Smith, chief marketing officer for National Wildlife Federation.

The Washington Examiner: Proposed EPA rules fall short of environmentalists’ hopes

“National Wildlife Federation will continue to work throughout the comment period to get the maximum reductions possible, but we understand that the President has to balance a desire for greater reductions with legality, viability and flexibility. And this rule really does a good job of hitting all of those,” said Josh Saks, the group’s legislative director.

The Wendy Williams Show: Wendy Williams Meets “Hot” Desert Animals

“NWF’s celebrity naturalist David Mizejewski’s latest TV appearance on The Wendy Williams Show was all about Wendy’s “hot” ratings. To complement the show’s theme, David brought in some desert animals including a fennec fox, a baby camel, an uromastyx and a baby red kangaroo.”

The Times-Picayune: New Orleans legislators, environmentalists call for action to stop global warming

“New standards proposed this week by the federal Environmental Protection Agency to reduce carbon pollution from electric power plants offer a glimmer of hope, said David Muth, director of the Mississippi River Delta Restoration Program for the National Wildlife Foundation.”