Burgers and Wildlife: Let’s Hear From You

What if your steaks and burgers could be harming wildlife? The links between beef sold in the U.S. and wildlife habitat in distant parts of the world, like the remote rainforests of Brazil, may not always be obvious, but the connections are real and the impacts can be significant.
The purple martin. Photo provided by The Purple Martin Conservation Association.

Migratory birds like the purple martin, one of America’s most loved songbirds, rely on tropical forests in the Amazon for wintering habitat. Unfortunately, millions of acres of the Brazilian Amazon have been cut and burned to make way for cattle pastures, destroying wildlife habitat and jeopardizing the fate of many endemic and migratory species.

But how is cattle ranching in the Brazilian Amazon connected to the steaks and burgers we buy? A recent USDA decision means fresh beef imported from Brazil will now be available in the U.S. This is a huge opportunity for consumers to encourage companies to adopt purchasing rules that help safeguard forests and protect wildlife habitat. Please help the National Wildlife Federation take on this serious threat to wildlife and rainforests by taking this quick survey!

Thank you for your valuable input! We appreciate your dedication to protecting wildlife and wildlife habitat.

Learn more about this recent USDA decision and ways to support “zero deforestation” beef products.

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