Baltimore Wildlife Week: 7 Wildlife Fun Facts

From orioles to blue crabs, Baltimore is home to an incredible diversity of wildlife. With Baltimore Wildlife Week just around the corner, here are some fun facts about species you might spot around Charm City and ways to join the celebration!

Schedule of Events

Baltimore Wildlife:

  • Baltimore Oriole: The state bird of Maryland can be identified by it’s black, white and orange plumage. A few years ago, volunteers planted a 10,000 square foot oriole bird habitat next to the renowned Camden Yards. Learn how you can pitch in to prep this habitat for the spring at this year’s celebration: RSVP to Volunteer.
  • Diamondback Terrapin: The only North American turtle native to estuary systems
  • Peregrine Falcon is the fastest living animal, able to reach 240 mph. A pair of peregrine falcons, named Boh and Barb, nest on top of a skyscraper in Baltimore. Watch them via a live nest cam:
  • Checkerspot Butterfly: The Maryland state insect is named after first Lord of Baltimore, George Calvert. Speaking of this iconic butterfly, Checkerspot Brewery in South Baltimore is hosting a networking happy hour immediately following the Stormwater BMP Crawl. RSVP to attend.
  • Chesapeake Blue Crab: Did you know its scientific name is derived from the Greek words for “beautiful” and “swimmer”?
  • Chesapeake Bay Oysters: They used to be so plentiful that the population could filter the entire bay once a week! RSVP to help out this water-filtering species this Baltimore Wildlife Week at an oyster cage cleaning.
  • Cownose Ray: Did you know this species has venomous spines at the base of their tails?

Bonus Baltimore Fun Facts:

  • Did you know Gwynns Falls Urban Forest is comprised of over 1,000 acres and is the 2nd largest urban forest in the country?
  • The National Aquarium–National Wildlife Federation’s Maryland affiliate–boasts over 20,000 aquatic species!

View the full calendar of Baltimore Wildlife Week events here: Schedule of Festivities.

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