The National Wildlife Federation Opposes Pruitt for EPA

We Stand with Bipartisan Members in Support of Wildlife

For the first time in our 80-year history, we are opposing the nomination of a presidential cabinet appointee, Environmental Protection Agency nominee Scott Pruitt. The National Wildlife Federation has a strong bipartisan membership, with members and supporters across the political spectrum, but what unites supporters from all stripes is a strong commitment to conservation values and to the importance of sound science.

Here is just a sampling of the words of some of our members who support wildlife and the habitat they rely on.

 “As a proud Trump supporter in the election, I ask you to commit to strong, proactive measures during your Administration to protect our nation’s wildlife and their habitats.  We took your statements during the campaign seriously: that you support wildlife conservation, protected public lands, expanded outdoor recreation opportunities and investment in our infrastructure.” – Michelle

Scott Pruitt at 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

Scott Pruitt at 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

“As a citizen and an outdoorsman, I [support] the National Wildlife Federation’s conservation agenda, and ask you to commit to strong, proactive measures during your Administration to protect our nation’s wildlife and their habitats.  Wildlife is part of this beautiful country and we need to be responsible caretakers.” – Jerome

“President Trump – I have been a lifelong Republican and voted for you. That said, sometimes Republicans have a “reputation” for being against wise wildlife practices. Please side with us Republicans who are also strong supporters of saving lands and the wildlife that inhabits them, by standing strong for our nation’s wild lands.” – Jane

Following Wednesday’s hearing proceedings, Pruitt demonstrated that he is not the leader that America needs at the Environmental Protection Agency. The National Wildlife Federation has an obligation to represent the values and interests of our hunters, angler, and conservationist members – this is what leads us to oppose Scott Pruitt as the next EPA Administrator. In the words of our CEO, Collin O’Mara:

“…Mr. Pruitt’s record and policy positions represent a stark break with the Republican Party’s conservation legacy. He has sought to undermine climate science and questioned whether mercury pollution was bad for public health. He has repeatedly used the power of his office to fight to overturn the water and air safeguards that protect our fish and wildlife, public health, natural resources, and climate. He sued to stop the EPA from reducing water pollution entering upstream tributaries and wetlands. He sued to stop rules to reduce toxic mercury pollution, oxides of nitrogen, and sulfur dioxide, and sued to block the Clean Power Plan.

During yesterday’s hearing, Mr. Pruitt did not say anything to suggest he would change course from this record to represent all Americans, rather than special interests. Because of this track record and the positions he stated in yesterday’s hearing, his nomination is completely unprecedented in the agency’s nearly 50 year history and must be rejected.” Click here to read the full statement.

The National Wildlife Federation is standing up for our bedrock conservation values and we encourage our leaders in Congress to vote against this nominee.


Call your Senators and tell them to support wildlife and vote “no” on Scott Pruitt for the EPA!

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