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Alyssa's Jeans

How A Bag Made Out Of Alyssa Milano’s Jeans Is Helping Wildlife In The Gulf

4/20/2011 // By NWF

This is a guest post by Ashley van Tol, who runs Upcycled by Ash. She is hosting an online auction to benefit the National Wildlife Federation. This week marks the one-year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent spill …

Campus Ecology Fellow Helping Indiana Fight Invasive Algae & Harmful Fertilizers

4/13/2011 // By NWF

DePauw University Senior Katherine “Kate” M. Wright is spearheading a fight against the algae invading Indiana’s lakes and streams. The Indiana Wildlife Federation’s (IWF) first NWF Campus Ecology Fellow is encouraging colleges across the state to stop using lawn fertilizers that feed the green menace.

Taking the Shot: When to Go Green With Your Data Center

4/13/2011 // By NWF

When it comes to “greening” a college or university data center, institutional inertia, budgetary concerns and politics often combine to create delays and complications that can put projects off for years. For schools looking to upgrade to a leaner, greener data center, the key to success often lies in understanding when those very same problems can be used to press the advantage.

Climate Capsule: New EPA Action Changing the Game

3/22/2011 // By NWF

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Climate Capsule! Stories of the week: Highlight of the Week: New EPA Action on Mercury Changes the Game Quote: NWF’s Ryan Salmon on the Keystone XL Pipeline Economic Story of the Week: New …


Guest Post: Consumer Voices Focus on Improving McDonald’s Climate Leadership from the Ground Up

3/15/2011 // By NWF

This guest post comes courtesy of Mark Harrison, Campaign Coordinator at Climate Counts. He can be reached at mharrison@climatecounts.org. First, let’s do the numbers: McDonald’s has over 32,478 restaurants in 60% of the world’s countries and recorded $24 billion in …

Climate Capsule: Big Oil Wants to Skimp on Safety

3/15/2011 // By NWF

This is my first edition of the NWF Climate Capsule! It will be an exciting privilege to bring you up to the minute news and views on climate and energy straight from the National Wildlife Federation. Thanks for reading and …

Photo credit: Ryan Hagerty

Victory for Bighorn Sheep

3/3/2011 // By NWF

National Wildlife Federation’s continuing efforts to protect bighorn sheep have scored a major victory.

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2/27/2011 // By NWF


NWF Executive Committee Meeting held in Atlanta

2/21/2011 // By NWF

This guest post is written by Christopher Guadian, Senior Manager of the Southeast Regional Center at the National Wildlife Federation. NWF’s Executive Committee held their annual winter meeting on Jan. 29 at the Southeast Regional Center in Atlanta.  The Jan. …

OU Researcher’s “GreenBox” Creates Hydrogen, Clean Water From Urine

2/15/2011 // By NWF

The answers to clean water, clean air and waste management could all be held inside a box as small as a mini-fridge. E3 Clean Technologies, based in Athens,Ohio, is in the process of producing GreenBoxes, which produce hydrogen and clean water from urine.