Wildlife Inspiration: 5 Adorable Baby Animal Photos

At National Wildlife Federation, we take seriously our mission to inspire Americans to protect wildlife. Sometimes that’s as simple as sharing the beauty of wild animal and wild places through photography. We hope these images — in the middle of a busy day — will inspire you to help wildlife thrive.

We are grateful to the photographers who have generously donated the photos below. These images and countless others remind us why we do what we do. Through our partnership with FotoMoto, now you can own these photographs yourself, as a full-sized print or postcard. Just click on the buttons underneath each photo. Or, to browse through more striking imagery, go to photos.nwf.org. Enjoy!

A family of red squirrels moved into Lori Deiter's mother's bird house in Tower City, PA. The squirrels were very skittish so Lori watched very quietly and took pictures using her zoom lens.

Rich Phalin wanted to photograph black bears and their cubs in northern Minnesota. He found this little guy taking a rest on top of a wood duck house.

Young raccoon, Quivira Wildlife Refuge, Dan Witt
Photographer Dan Witt saw a family of raccoons travelling down a road. This little guy ran to a fence and climbed the post while his family went in the other direction.

Baby Bobcat by Ric Kessler
Photographer Ric Kessler captured this picture of a baby bobcat.

Bison and calf by Dick Forehand
Dick Forehand saw this bison calf be born long before sunrise at Yellowstone National Park. This photo was taken minutes before sunrise the same day. The calf had played all day with other calves in the nursery herd.

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