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Wildlife Week – Eight Ways You Can Personally Become a Wildlife Saver

3/19/2012 // By Kevin Coyle

It is National Wildlife Week March 19-25! Not sure what you can do?  The National Wildlife Federation has an amazing set of programs and tools designed to help any and every kid and adult to become a wildlife conservationist at […] Read more >

Bedfellows: An Unexpected Alliance That Keeps U.S. Children In The Dark on Climate Change

2/26/2012 // By Kevin Coyle

There are few things the extreme right wing, the Congress and the White House would agree on these days but one of them seems to be scaling back or eliminating K-12 climate change and environmental education for kids. They have […] Read more >

From the Heartland: An Inside Look at the Extreme Right’s War on K-12 Climate and Environmental Education

2/17/2012 // By Kevin Coyle

America’s extreme right has been attacking climate change and environmental education in schools for decades using a variety of tactics aimed at keeping it from becoming core  knowledge our children have upon graduation. The recent revelation that the Heartland Institute […] Read more >

Squirrel Appreciation Day: 10 Amazing Things to Truly Appreciate

1/21/2012 // By Kevin Coyle

Today is National Squirrel Appreciation Daywhich gives us a good opportunity to reflect on all things wondrous about the furry little critters. 1. Worldwide there are nearly 300 species of squirrels and they are in nearly every major ecosystem around […] Read more >

Twelve Unusual and Fascinating Facts About Wild Turkeys

11/20/2011 // By Kevin Coyle

This Thanksgiving holiday many of us will join with family and friends for a big meal and, for 50 million households, that will also mean having some roasted turkey.  Most folks know that the turkeys we eat are a domesticated […] Read more >

The 12 Most Dramatic, Disturbing and Inspiring Wildlife Stories of 2010

11/18/2011 // By Kevin Coyle

There were thousands of wildlife stories in the news over the past year but some stand out as being particularly dramatic, sobering or even inspiring. The great Gulf turtle rescue: in April we saw the beginning of the BP oil […] Read more >

Remembering September 11th Through The Eyes of Nature

9/11/2011 // By Kevin Coyle

I remember how difficult it was, in those first days after September 11, 2001, to regain a sense of balance.  There was something in the unbridled horror of the Trade Center buildings coming down, the Pentagon burning and having just […] Read more >

American Jobs Act Would Offer Greening Opportunities To A Third of U.S. Schools

9/8/2011 // By Kevin Coyle

When President Obama presented the American Jobs Act proposal to the nation this week, he specifically proposed that some of the jobs be created by updating and refurbishing 35,000 schools across the U.S.  Some $30 billion would be allocated to […] Read more >

The Impossibly-Busy Parents’ Guide To Getting Kids Outdoors

9/3/2011 // By Kevin Coyle

Many parents experience mornings and evenings as a race against time.  Each weekday they get themselves and the kids up, dressed, fed, packed and off to school or daycare.  The evenings aren’t much better: fighting traffic to retrieve the kids […] Read more >


Seven Things to Know About How Hurricanes Affect Wildlife

8/27/2011 // By Kevin Coyle

As Hurricane Irene made landfall on the East Coast this week, the news media was rightly focused on the many dangers to humans from such powerful storms.  Due to the hurricane’s track, 2.5 million people were ordered to evacuate low-lying […] Read more >