Wildlife Week – Eight Ways You Can Personally Become a Wildlife Saver

It is National Wildlife Week March 19-25! Not sure what you can do?  The National Wildlife Federation has an amazing set of programs and tools designed to help any and every kid and adult to become a wildlife conservationist at home, school and in the community. Here are eight opportunities you can get started on today.

1. Make a home habitat — NWF can help you create and certify your own habitat at home in your yard or on your deck.  Learn about our Certified Wildlife Habitat program and get started today. Join 150,000 homes with their own certified wildlife sanctuaries.

2. Plant a Tree — NWF can supply your family or local scout group or school with tree planting kits that come complete with lesson plans about trees for kids of all ages. Order a Trees for Wildlife kit.

3. Become a wildlife watcher — Join NWF’s Wildlife Watch team!  Kids and adults across America help us keep track of and record wildlife sightings on line.  You don’t need to be an expert. Start recording species this week!

4. Read with Ranger Rick — Help kids read while they learn about wildlife. NWF offers award winning children’s magazines that are proven to improve their reading skills while getting them more interested an involved with wildlife. You can order these Parent’s Choice Foundation approved publications today: Ranger Rick, Big Backyard and Wild Animal BabyRanger Rick also comes with a free online educator’s guide.

5. Volunteer for Wildlife — You can become an official NWF Habitat volunteer! We call them Habitat Stewards and they take special training to learn how to help schools, homeowners, gardeners and others get more involved with gardening for wildlife. Learn more about how you can become and NWF Habitat Steward.

6. Help Support Wildlife Conservation — You can support wildlife during National Wildlife Week by donating or fundraising for conservation and education programs through our special Razoo page.

7. Green Your School — You can encourage your kid’s entire school to be greener. Our amazing Eco-schools USA program offers children of all ages the opportunity to learn about energy and water conservation, recycling and get more involved with outdoor learning and wildlife. You can also create wildlife habitat at your school or place of worship with NWF’s Schoolyard Habitat program.

8. Go on a Nature Outing — And if you want something even easier on National Wildlife Week, you can also help wildlife by getting the kids outdoors for a little fun time at a local park or nature center. Not sure if there is one near you?  Just plug your zip code into our Nature Find locator map and find great outdoor areas and events near you.

Celebrate National Wildlife Week

Our National Wildlife Week website celebrates extraordinary characteristics of 45 wildlife species and has posters, trading cards, lesson plans and more for kids and educators.

Readers are, of course, encouraged to support National Wildlife Federation’s work by making a much-needed contribution to our ongoing campaigns to protect wildlife across America.