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magnetic pole

Rowing To The Magnetic North Pole: An Expedition Brought To You By Global Warming

7/30/2011 // By Kevin Coyle

We might think of this as the expedition we hoped we would never see. Around August 1, a rowing  team led by Scottish adventurer Jock Wishart will leave from Resolute Bay in the north of Canada and attempt to row […] Read more >

water birds

Simple Tips for Helping Wildlife During Heat Waves and Drought

7/26/2011 // By Kevin Coyle

Many wild creatures can live for extended periods of time without food but… they need water much more regularly. Having convenient supplies of clean water can make a huge difference to the survival of local wild species such as birds, butterflies […] Read more >

Five Smart Online Tools for a Little ‘Outdoor Independence’ on Fourth of July Weekend

7/2/2011 // By Kevin Coyle

Parents! Happy Independence Day weekend!  It is a great time for family outings, outdoor games, walks in the woods, swimming and generally kicking back with some old fashioned outdoor fun.   But beware!  Your kids may missing from the family scene. […] Read more >

Grand Isle Volunteers: Restoring Some Hope at A Gulf Oil Disaster’s “Ground Zero”

6/26/2011 // By Kevin Coyle

On Saturday, June 25th, hope itself visited Grand Isle, Louisiana in the form of a dedicated corps of volunteers. Their job: to take on the seemingly impossible task of restoring some of the marshes and beaches that became so damaged by […] Read more >

Making National ‘Get Outdoors’ Day Fun and Easy for Parents and Kids

6/9/2011 // By Kevin Coyle

Saturday, June 11 is National Get Outdoors Day! It is a crucial part of Great Outdoors month. With so many special days to observe during the year, one might wonder why yet another would be set aside aimed at families enjoying […] Read more >

Make Your Deck Into A Wildlife Oasis: Three Simple Steps.

5/20/2011 // By Kevin Coyle

Do you live in an urban area or apartment complex? Is there a limit to how much green space there is at your home? No worries. With a little confidence and a few simple steps, you can make your own […] Read more >

Making Your Own Way Station For The Amazing Monarch Butterfly

5/13/2011 // By Kevin Coyle

It is Garden for Wildlife Month and one garden creature that will make a child or adult enthusiastic about nature is the Monarch butterfly.  Their exquisite orange and black markings and large size make them a wildlife gardener’s favorite.   Monarchs […] Read more >

The Five Best Ways to Celebrate Love A Tree Day: May 16th

5/12/2011 // By Kevin Coyle

Yes there really is a Love a Tree Day, and National Wildlife Federation can help you celebrate! Love A Tree Day comes on May 16th, right in the middle of Garden for Wildlife Month, and wildlife gardeners everywhere know how […] Read more >

Coal by-products not regulated by the CAA (photo via Seth Anderson, Flickr)

Challenging Coal Curricula That Keep Children in the Dark

5/12/2011 // By Kevin Coyle

A newly-released school lesson plan series on energy tells children about the advantages of coal-burning for electricity but offers our kids an industry-biased view and, sadly, omits some of the most critical parts of the story. UPDATE! On May 16, […] Read more >

Global Warming and the Stresses of War – A Post Bin Laden Perspective

5/12/2011 // By Kevin Coyle

What follows in an excerpt of a soon-to-be-published forum proceedings paper (September 2011) by Lise Van Susteran, MD and Kevin J. Coyle, JD on the many psychological effects of global warming.  Here we see the discussion on war and hostilities […] Read more >