The Five Best Ways to Celebrate Love A Tree Day: May 16th

Tree photo by Susan Koomar
Photo by Susan Koomar

Yes there really is a Love a Tree Day, and National Wildlife Federation can help you celebrate!

Love A Tree Day comes on May 16th, right in the middle of Garden for Wildlife Month, and wildlife gardeners everywhere know how important trees are to a good wildlife garden.  So here are five awesome ways you can show the love!

Release your inner “tree hugger” – Just get out there and wrap your arms around your favorite old arboreal pal.  You might want to pick a time when your neighbors are sure to see you so that, when they ask if you have finally cracked up, you can tell them all about Love A Tree Day and suggest they participate.  Even if they quickly look at their watch, announce they have to go and avoid eye contact for the next two weeks, you will have briefed them on Love A Tree Day.  You can just bet that next year they will have some dogwood in firm embrace.  And, to remind them of next year, you can send them an NWF plant-a-tree ornament that comes along with our planting a real tree on their behalf.


Give your tree a long, cool drink – In the garden setting, trees are the tall silent type.  They are not usually crying for attention the way those bratty flowers and shrubs do.  Think of them as nature’s middle child.  But, trees have needs too, and one of the main ones is for more water.  Watering a tree means soaking the root system.  It takes time and patience but the result is a regular root soaking will make a world of difference to a tree’s long-term health.  NWF has a tree care guide and so does Casey Trees for urban areas.

Provide some wildlife-friendly ornamentation –  Even if trees are fairly stoic they can be a tad vain.  Every tree enjoys a little nature-appropriate ornamentation.  And, there is no better compliment than a good bird feeder or bird house.   It just so happens that NWF has some of the best feeders and houses available.  Think of it as higher elevation jewelry shopping.

Give it a friend (or several) – NWF has a terrific program for the tree-planter in you called Trees for the 21st Century.  It involves ordering a group of trees in either the Spring of Fall that you can plant or, if you would prefer to pick one from your local nursery, it provides you with tree planting guidance and some fun tree-based lesson plans for you and the kids.

Add your tree to a wildlife sanctuary – This may seem far-fetched, but NWF has a very popular program designed to make you home garden into a Certified Wildlife Habitat®.  You need water features such as a birdbath, a bird feeder, some flowers and shrubs and – one or more trees.  What tree wouldn’t be proud to be able to whisper in the wind that it was part of a refuge for wildlife, pollinators and lots of other leafy creatures.   And, when you certify — NWF will plant a tree on your behalf!  More love!

So Happy Love A Tree Day folks, even if your friends and neighbors do look at you funny for awhile.  You  can follow these steps and show some real love to your favorite tree during Garden for Wildlife Month.


Learn more about attracting wildlife to your garden and how to create a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat®