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This isn't my family. For one thing, Cousin Billy actually has a massive face tattoo.

On The Record: Thinking Of Climate Change And Future Thanksgivings

11/24/2010 // By Max Greenberg

It’s almost Thanksgiving, when a nation’s thoughts turn to gratitude and familial concord. And low, low prices on consumer electronics, but whatever. Coming at the tail end of another tough year, many of us sorely need this day as an …

Steps For Activating Kids: Get Outside

11/19/2010 // By Max Greenberg

Usually I blog about climate change, but right now my mind is on running and jumping. Or lack thereof. I just read an interesting (and scary) post over at the Public Library of Science blogs on the stunning inactivity of …


“Bite-Sized” Solutions For Climate Change May Not Be Enough

11/17/2010 // By Max Greenberg

Last month, President Obama told the National Journal that he plans to address climate and energy through a suite of “bite-sized” policies smaller and less complex than a comprehensive bill: “[W]e still need an energy policy in this country. I …

You remember this from your high school history textbook, right?

This Veterans Day, Consider The Consequences Of Our Oil Dependence

11/10/2010 // By Max Greenberg

Tomorrow, on Veterans Day, I want us to renew the fight for climate and energy action. I intend the above cartoon as a tongue-in-cheek tribute to full-throttle calls to arms of wars past, but I think it serves a purpose …

See this guy? He actually doesn't mind global warming all that much. ( flickr | smccann )

We’ve Got A Fever, And The Only Prescription Is Less Climate Change

11/4/2010 // By Max Greenberg

Discover Magazine’s cover story for the month of December—which I received yesterday, presumably because I’m some kind of fancy postal service VIP—feels like a Halloween holdover. Scary CGI mosquito, backlit by a harsh, unyielding sun, globe swathed in shadow; the …

Apologies to Benjamin Franklin.

Dear New Incumbent: Help America Solve Big Problems Again, Starting With Climate Change

11/3/2010 // By Max Greenberg

Letter to a new member of Congress Dear New Incumbent- There was a time when we led the league in muscular thinking. The flattop American in square glasses and a pocket protector was an icon of western exceptionalism: he and …

Wildlife Could Be The New ‘Homeless, Tempest-Tossed’ As Climate Change Shifts Habitats

11/1/2010 // By Max Greenberg

According to an article in the online edition of last week’s Science News, climate-change-induced species disruption and environmental displacement is causing major headaches for officials who monitor the movements of non-native invasive wildlife. That in addition to the headaches facing the species themselves.

TR's Birthday / Illustration by Max Greenberg

On Teddy Roosevelt’s Birthday, Taking To The Bully Pulpit For Wildlife (Part I)

10/27/2010 // By Max Greenberg

Today we celebrate what would be the 152nd birthday of a man so mighty he made a pince-nez and a vest look tough. Rough Rider, Trustbuster, Bull Moose Environmentalist: Teddy Roosevelt.

As Emissions Rise, Weeds (And Allergies) Could Follow Suit

10/21/2010 // By Max Greenberg

The current issue of Natural History magazine features a fine story by Peter Del Tredici on the role of weeds in the modern city. The broad discussion, about the relevance of the idea of an ‘invasive’ plant in an environment where very little truly native vegetation remains, is worth your time…One of the subjects that most interests Del Tredici is the weed’s place in a world whose climate we are rapidly changing

Blind Elephants

Republicans Can Lead On Climate…If They Open Their Eyes

10/20/2010 // By Max Greenberg

When politicians take pains to miss the point, are they really being leaders? The parable of the blind men and the elephant is near and dear to many a cartoonist’s heart*—never more so than when the public sphere is clogged …