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Clean Air Act to Turn 40 – EPA Wants to Hear from You!

10/22/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Clean Air Act Amendments later this year, and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson wants to know what NWF and you think about it. In a few […] Read more >

December International Climate Talks Offer Glimmer of Hope

10/22/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

A binding international treaty on climate change is what will truly help avert the worst impacts of global warming.  Major treaty talks last year in Copenhagen didn’t get us there, and it would overstate things to say that hopes are high in […] Read more >

VIDEO – Clinton Speaks! Tar Sands Remarks Disappoint

10/19/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

In a rare public statement of tar sands, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seemed to say America’s energy choices amount to either dirty oil from the gulf or dirty oil from Canada.  (Full transcript here.) Mrs. Clinton offers up a  false […] Read more >

PA Official Resigns Over Spying on Enviros

10/7/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

Pennsylvania’s oil and gas industry is notoriously reckless on safety, ranking 6th worst in the  U.S. according to a recent National Wildlife Federation report, but somehow it was environmental advocates who were targeted by state level homeland security officials. The […] Read more >

Clean Energy Victory – Major Wind Project Gets Green Light

10/6/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

Today, Interior Sec. Salazar signed the lease for the Cape Wind energy project . Offshore wind is an important part of America’s clean energy future and the Obama administration’s announcement approves the nation’s first offshore wind farm, off the Massachusetts coast. […] Read more >

Trans Canada Hotline Banner

Blow the Whistle on Polluter Abuse! [Audio]

9/28/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

Nebraska landowners and citizens will be able to blow the whistle on the heavy-handed tactics of Canadian oil giant TransCanada starting today. TransCanada is the company trying to run the dirty fuel into the U.S. along a 2000 mile proposed pipeline […] Read more >

Tar Sands Producing Deformed Frankenfish

9/17/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

It’s a sportsmens nightmare just in time for Halloween. Reports of fish species near Canadian tar sands operations sprouting lesions,  and deformities like “pushed in faces, bulging eyes, humped back, crooked tails [and] great big lumps on them . . […] Read more >

Big Oil Cuts Jobs Again, Even as They Sponsor Bogus Job Rallies

9/8/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

No lie is too big for Big Oil.  Their tired refrain of late is that they’re job makers. On TV, radio, in print and at bogus Astroturf rallies happening this week. We should give them a pass on all their sins: […] Read more >

North Dakota: The Spills Keep Coming (Video)

9/8/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

NWF’s Tim Warman made the point in a guest column in this week’s Newsweek Magazine, the BP spill is not an isolated incident. Last week a mix of crude and water spilled at an oil well near Killdeer, N.D., dumped […] Read more >

Climate Denial Billionaires Bankroll Efforts to Stop Progress in California

9/7/2010 // By Tony Iallonardo

It’s no secret that global warming deniers rely on Big Oil’s deep pockets to fund their work, but few are as brazen as the billionaire Koch brothers. Charles and David Koch, owners of Koch Industries, is the second largest private […] Read more >