VIDEO – Clinton Speaks! Tar Sands Remarks Disappoint

evening grosbeak, tar sands, alberta
Female evening grosbeaks squabble in a Maryland backyard in this image by Linda Roy Walls. Grosbeaks are among hundreds of bird species threatened by tar sands development.

In a rare public statement of tar sands, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seemed to say America’s energy choices amount to either dirty oil from the gulf or dirty oil from Canada.  (Full transcript here.)

Mrs. Clinton offers up a  false choice that’s also out of step with much of the administration’s thinking. The Environmental Protection Agency is pressing ahead with making real energy choices that are clean, cut oil dependence and don’t lock in a dirty fuels infrastructure.

Two examples:  regulating carbon emissions in an aggressive manner as they are planning can provide serious reductions in pollution that would meet the targets encouraged by climate experts. Additionally, EPA’s recent move to reduce auto emissions and take cars to 60 miles per gallon fuel efficiency will reduce dependence on oil by billions of barrels.  Now that’s how you avert oil disasters!!

Sadly, Mrs. Clinton seemed to say in her remarks that she is inclined to approve the massive dirty fuels pipeline called Keystone XL next year.

Now more than ever, we need to keep the heat on the State Department and Canadian oil giant TransCanada.

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