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s warbler

Help Defend the Safety Net of Protections for Endangered Wildlife

3/16/2011 // By John Kostyack

Proposals in Congress to remove the safety net of protection for endangered wildlife are flying around fast and furious.

panther in underpass

Good Florida Panther News

2/8/2011 // By John Kostyack

Signs of progress in rescuing the critically endangered Florida panther from extinction – and an opportunity to expedite protection and recovery.

Children in mountains

They Won’t Stop with the Clean Air Act

2/4/2011 // By John Kostyack

New legislation is based around one premise: Regulation of carbon pollution would make our air too clean. You have to wonder what’s next. Is our drinking water too safe? Are our endangered species too protected?

Staghorn coral (center) on healthy patch reef

A Non-Hotspot Approach to Choosing Where to Help Wildlife

1/7/2011 // By John Kostyack

Maybe looking to your constituents on what resources they value most, rather than identifying biodiversity hotspots, is the way to choose conservation priorities.

Otsego County (NY) Gas Group

What the frack? Even 60 Minutes and CSI are concerned about fracking

11/16/2010 // By John Kostyack

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, for natural gas is hurting people and local economies across the U.S.

What if 1/3 of Americans said there was no evidence Pearl Harbor was attacked?

11/2/2010 // By John Kostyack

Imagine if a survey were taken in late December 1941 and it revealed that one-third of Americans believed there was no solid evidence of an attack on Pearl Harbor and therefore opposed any mobilization plan. The latest polling on American …

Our clean energy future is on the line in next week’s elections

10/25/2010 // By John Kostyack

Get out and vote next week in support of clean energy and against fossil fuel dinosaurs.

Adaptation Report Needs More Blunt Language on Climate Science

10/14/2010 // By John Kostyack

More blunt language might help readers of today’s Task Force report better understand the urgency of the climate change adaptation agenda.


An ecosystems-oriented approach to reducing climate change risk

9/30/2010 // By John Kostyack

New report on adaptation to climate change gives inadequate attention to ecosystems.

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