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s warbler

Help Defend the Safety Net of Protections for Endangered Wildlife

3/16/2011 // By John Kostyack

Proposals in Congress to remove the safety net of protection for endangered wildlife are flying around fast and furious.
Read more >

panther in underpass

Good Florida Panther News

2/8/2011 // By John Kostyack

Signs of progress in rescuing the critically endangered Florida panther from extinction – and an opportunity to expedite protection and recovery. Read more >

Children in mountains

They Won’t Stop with the Clean Air Act

2/4/2011 // By John Kostyack

New legislation is based around one premise: Regulation of carbon pollution would make our air too clean. You have to wonder what’s next. Is our drinking water too safe? Are our endangered species too protected? Read more >

Staghorn coral (center) on healthy patch reef

A Non-Hotspot Approach to Choosing Where to Help Wildlife

1/7/2011 // By John Kostyack

Maybe looking to your constituents on what resources they value most, rather than identifying biodiversity hotspots, is the way to choose conservation priorities. Read more >

Otsego County (NY) Gas Group

What the frack? Even 60 Minutes and CSI are concerned about fracking

11/16/2010 // By John Kostyack

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, for natural gas is hurting people and local economies across the U.S. Read more >

2005 Image of Athbasca Glacier, Jasper National Park

What if 1/3 of Americans said there was no evidence Pearl Harbor was attacked?

11/2/2010 // By John Kostyack

Imagine if a survey were taken in late December 1941 and it revealed that one-third of Americans believed there was no solid evidence of an attack on Pearl Harbor and therefore opposed any mobilization plan. The latest polling on American […] Read more >

Our clean energy future is on the line in next week’s elections

10/25/2010 // By John Kostyack

Get out and vote next week in support of clean energy and against fossil fuel dinosaurs. Read more >

Flooding events will intensify as the world warms

Adaptation Report Needs More Blunt Language on Climate Science

10/14/2010 // By John Kostyack

More blunt language might help readers of today’s Task Force report better understand the urgency of the climate change adaptation agenda. Read more >


An ecosystems-oriented approach to reducing climate change risk

9/30/2010 // By John Kostyack

New report on adaptation to climate change gives inadequate attention to ecosystems. Read more >

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