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Becky Lentz is the Regional Deputy Director for National Wildlife Federation’s Great Lakes Regional Center in Ann Arbor, MI. She is grateful for a spiritual connection to nature, enjoys gardening and is a die-hard Michigan Wolverines football fan.
My son and I with Ranger Rick circa 2002

Happy Birthday to Ranger Rick from One Colleague to Another

3/13/2012 // By Becky Lentz

I asked my mother what she remembers about getting Ranger Rick magazine for her four daughters: “Ranger Rick had good pictures, activities, stories, all the things you liked.” She also said, “Sometimes I would save them for bad times.” Hmm. …

Great Blue Heron covered in oil from the Enbridge oil spill in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Why Storytelling Will Save Wildlife

12/8/2011 // By Becky Lentz

  The definition of an epiphany (or one definition) is “a sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something”.  How I love a good epiphany.  Mine usually begin like this, “Oh my gosh, I am right and you are …

Photo: Leslie Science and Nature Center

Video– Eagle’s flight: How Meaningful a Green Hour Can Be

5/20/2011 // By Becky Lentz

I tell my son often that 90% of showing you care, whether about someone or something, is simply showing up.  I believe NWF’s Green Hour, holds that same promise of purposefully demonstrating both our love for nature and our families.  …