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halloween party

Throw a Ranger Rick Halloween Party!

10/22/2014 // By Michele Reyzer

As one of the editors for Ranger Rick magazine, I get to create lots of kid-friendly crafts and recipes. Since autumn is my favorite time of the year, coming up with fun activities for Halloween is the best part of …


Games Gone Wild: 14 Boredom Busters for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

6/8/2011 // By Kate Hofmann

No batteries necessary! Outdoor fun at its simplest just needs found objects and plenty of imagination


Create Greeting Cards – You Can Plant!

4/26/2011 // By Guest Author

Help your child make the ultimate recyclable gift card for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day


How to Make a May Day Basket

4/25/2011 // By Guest Author

Kids can celebrate May 1 by leaving a flowery surprise for neighbors, teachers, and friends.