People and Wildlife

A large, silver-gray what can be seen in the water from above.

Rethinking Hydropower to Restore Northwest Rivers

The Department of Interior recently released the Tribal Circumstances Analysis, which acknowledged that the construction and operation of 11 hydroelectric dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers has had a … Read more

Ranchers gather at an event in Big Piney, Wyoming

Collaboration is Key to Conserving the Sagebrush Ecosystem

Under a glorious bluebird Wyoming sky, a group of ranchers, state and federal land managers, wildlife advocates, Indigenous leaders, and industry representatives recently met on a ranch outside Big Piney … Read more

A group of young people march over a grass field holding posters and banners. They are all wearing blue t-shirts.

From Climate Anxiety to Climate Action: The Impacts of Climate Change on Youth

What is Climate Anxiety? Climate anxiety refers to the emotional and psychological distress that comes from heightened concern about the effects of climate change and is rooted in an uncertainty … Read more

A gray water fowl with a white and yellow-ish bill floats on the water's surface.

Improving LA’s Offshore Wind

Offshore wind energy presents an exciting opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to limit the most serious impacts of climate change. The Biden Administration has made it clear that offshore … Read more

A slender white bird flies over wetlands.

Follow the Water: Natural Solutions for Wildlife and People Along the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River touches 10 states along its 2,300-mile-long path and drains an area encompassing all or parts of 31 states and two Canadian provinces. Nearly 20 million people rely … Read more

A bright green film covers the water's surface. Two water fowl swim through, creating wakes.

Lake Erie: From Green to Clean

As the summer Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) season loads up, we’re keeping our eye on the Lake Erie blooms and can answer your most pressing questions. From the causes to … Read more

A moose (large, brown, hooved mammal) stands among grasses and vegetation.

Blurred Tunnel Vision: Enbridge’s Risky Line 5 Expansions

Recently, the Michigan Public Service Commission granted Enbridge a site permit for the plan to relocate the dangerous Line 5 pipeline into a tunnel running under the Straits of Mackinac. … Read more

A small bee house can be seen attached to the side of a structure or a wall. It is filled with hollow sticks.

So You Want to Get a Bee House…

The bees need our help, and no, we’re not referring to honeybees! While honeybees can be an incredibly helpful domesticated species, they’re not native to America. In fact, most of … Read more

A small grayish green turtle can be seen on the sand.

Resilient Galveston Island

Galveston Island is no stranger to extreme weather events. From the Great Storm of 1900, which still holds the record for the deadliest storm in the U.S., to Hurricane Ike … Read more