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If they can do it…

8/24/2006 // By Kristin Kranendonk

When you think of what types of companies and organizations might be going carbon neutral, what do you think of? Environmental non-profits? Small businesses in Vermont and California? How about a US Air Force base? The U.S. Air Force is […] Read more >

Global Warming Impacts Wildlife: How Campuses Can Help

6/16/2006 // By NWF

As temperatures increase due to global warming wildlife and wildlife habitat are impacted. A recent study by The Wildlife Society shows North American wildlife species are beginning to shift their ranges northward and upward in elevation in response to temperature […] Read more >

System-Wide University Standards

4/28/2006 // By NWF

University standards for energy efficiency and clean energy are good, but system-wide standards are even better. The University of California system, where the Regents of the University system have adopted a set of Presidential sustainability policies, has set a remarkable […] Read more >

Why Can’t We All be More like Pennsylvania?

4/12/2006 // By NWF

Last month, the EPA put out a list of the Top 10 College and University Green Power Partners. These are schools replacing significant portions of the electricity they use with green power. Campuses across the country are buying green power […] Read more >

Smith Cuts CO2 50 Percent

3/30/2006 // By NWF

Smith College is in the process of replacing 60-year-old boilers with a single turbine engine co-generation plant. It is expected to pay for itself within six years and cut campus greenhouse gas emissions in half. The plant, which will generate […] Read more >

Innovative Ways to Cool the Campus

3/13/2006 // By NWF

Cornell University’s Cayuga Lake cuts energy needs for cooling on campus by 86 percent and reduces annual greenhouse gas emissions by almost 37 tons annually. The physical plant pumps cold water from the bottom of the lake to a heat […] Read more >

Loan Funds Boost Carbon Cuts on Campus

3/9/2006 // By NWF

At least two universities—Colorado and Harvard—use loan funds as an incentive for conservation and efficiency. At Colorado University, $100,000 plus 35% of projected project savings each year help fund capitol improvements such as solar film on the University Memorial Center, […] Read more >

Alumni Earmark Support for Sustainable Campuses

1/9/2006 // By NWF

By earmarking gifts for sustainability, alumni can greatly boost the environmental performance, research and teaching at their alma maters, generating many ancillary benefits for their schools and the wider society. Such is the case at the University of Michigan where […] Read more >

New NJEHPS ED Reports on Next Big Solar Installation

12/12/2005 // By NWF

The New Jersey Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability (NJHEPS) has just selected its new Executive Director, John Cusack, who has written several interesting articles in the most recent edition of the organization’s newsletter, including one on the installation of a […] Read more >

Zero Net Direct Emissions: Three Scenarios at Oberlin College

10/27/2005 // By NWF

With leadership from Dr. David Orr, Oberlin College worked with researchers, Richard Heede and Joel Swisher of the Rocky Mountain Institute to develop a plan for achieving net zero emissions by 2020. RMI researchers, who primarily evaluated Oberlin’s direct emission […] Read more >