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Schwarzenegger: Polluters Playing Political Games in California

9/29/2010 // By Miles Grant

Recently, we highlighted a climate denial exhibit at the Smithsonian sponsored by Koch Industries. And this week, we told you how Koch is funding a campaign to keep California hooked on polluting fuels. Now Koch has drawn the ire of …

California’s New Energy Standard — Law or Executive Fiat?

9/12/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

With the global warming threat, clean energy is a key to long-term wildlife protection. California lawmakers have passed a bold new standard calling for 33% of the state’s energy to be produced through alternative sources such as solar and wind.  …

Schwarzenegger to Sue Federal Government

12/21/2007 // By Larry Schweiger

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to sue the federal government over the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to block efforts by California and other states to regulate tailpipe emissions of greenhouse gases. With this move the EPA has turned its back …

Reduce Emissions, When Politically Convenient

12/20/2007 // By Josh Nelson

Just yesterday, President Bush was basking in the glow of the freshly-signed energy bill, taking credit for improved fuel economy standards and expanded biofuels mandates. But it turns out the White House’s green party only lasted until sundown. Just moments …