December, 2007

Most Important Words Spoken in 2007

Check out this video of Al Gore’s speech accepting the Nobel Peace prize in Oslo, Norway earlier this month. They are the most important words of the year. Read more

10 Best Green Stories of 2007

Grist has an excellent post called The Top Green Stories of 2007.  While they highlighted some of the biggest news, good and bad, I tried to focus on the most … Read more

Schwarzenegger to Sue Federal Government

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to sue the federal government over the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to block efforts by California and other states to regulate tailpipe emissions of greenhouse … Read more

Reduce Emissions, When Politically Convenient

Just yesterday, President Bush was basking in the glow of the freshly-signed energy bill, taking credit for improved fuel economy standards and expanded biofuels mandates. But it turns out the … Read more

The Energy Bill

Post from Jeremy Symons, Executive Director, National Wildlife Federation’s Global Warming Campaign, guest blogger: Larry, at long last, the president has signed an energy bill! As you know, the energy … Read more

Energy Bill Signed into Law

Wildlife to Benefit from this “Down Payment” on Strong Global Warming Legislation The package–which passed the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives in the past week–will help reduce America’s oil … Read more

In the Absence of Light

A few years ago, we invited some urban children to visit a remote natural area for an "owl watch."  As night fell, many of the children got their first glimpse … Read more

What Would You Say to your Great, Great Grandchildren?

It’s easy to get caught up in the now. I’m one of those people that is so focused on the present or the past that I rarely even have time … Read more

Energy and Bali

As climate negotiations come to a close in Bali, it’s clear that U.S. progress to confront global warming will come from Congress. More and more, the Bush administration is irrelevant … Read more

Al Gore’s Presentation in Bali

Check out Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Al Gore’s presentation yesterday in Bali, Indonesia at the climate talks. He speaks to the important role of international treaty negotiations and domestic action … Read more

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