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Ladybug on acorn

Photo of the Day: A Spot of Color

9/3/2012 // By Rachel Faulkner


Diamond Weevil, Photo: Flickr/Ian Sutton

Diamond Weevil: A Bug with Real Bling

12/21/2011 // By Mekell Mikell

  Some people may dream of being covered in diamonds, but one bug is close to making it a reality. The wings of the diamond weevil are full of gem-like scales that wink and shine in the light just like …

brown marmorated stink bug nymph

Stink Bugs, Stink Bugs Everywhere

2/17/2011 // By Danielle Brigida

The name says it all. Stink bugs. Some stink bugs species are native to North America and their populations are kept in check by their natural predators.   That’s no big deal.  But, the brown-marmorated stink bug is a recent …