Diamond Weevil: A Bug with Real Bling


Diamond Weevil, Photo: Flickr/Ian Sutton
Some people may dream of being covered in diamonds, but one bug is close to making it a reality. The wings of the diamond weevil are full of gem-like scales that wink and shine in the light just like precious stones. New research reveals these iridescent scales are made up of crystals similar to opals.

The black and metallic bluish-green bug lives in Australia and can be found in woodlands, forests and urban areas. It grows bout an inch long and eats acacia plants.

The diamond weevil may not spark a new jewelry craze, but they are sparking the imagination of scientists. Researchers believe the scales of this insect could inspire the creation of new materials.

It looks like diamonds are a bug’s best friend.

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Published: December 21, 2011