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Strategies for the Green Economy, or “What the New Consumer Thinks About Green”

10/28/2008 // By NWF

We read Joel Makower’s new book (which is actually subtitled “Opportunities and Challenges in the New World of Business”) and came to a conclusion the author probably didn’t intend: namely, that while strategies pirated from the corporate world can be […] Read more >

Creating a Buyer’s Market for Renewable Energy

10/28/2008 // By NWF

  Creating and consuming renewable energy in the United States is gaining popularity and financial support because communities, colleges and universities are increasing their demand for clean, sustainable energy. College students all across the country have been voting to increase […] Read more >

Berea College Struggles to Define the Role of Campus Carbon Sinks in Emissions Reporting

10/28/2008 // By Xarissa Holdaway

Here’s a rhetorical question: conservation or clean energy? While both are good and necessary, they are not always valued equally when it comes to climate change, and with limited organizational and governmental budgets, they are not always simultaneously possible. Is […] Read more >

In Every Season, White is the New Green

10/28/2008 // By NWF

  Want an effective tool to fight global warming? Try a can of paint. As the director of facilities at Radford University can tell you, the most powerful and elegant form of solar power is simple passive solar. This is […] Read more >

Imitating the Environment Could Save It at UCSD

10/28/2008 // By NWF

  Imitation is widely accorded the sincerest form of flattery, and it’s Mother Nature’s turn for a few compliments. Humans have used biomimicry–the art and science of imitating nature’s designs to solve human problems–for millennia, from Inuit hunters imitating the stalking […] Read more >

Perspective: Changing Curriculum Connects Faculty with Each Other, Students with Their Environment

10/14/2008 // By NWF

  Sustainability activity is mushrooming on campuses around the nation-except in one vitally important place: college classrooms.  As the recent National Wildlife Federation National Report Card on Sustainability in Higher Education recently revealed, growing numbers of colleges and universities are […] Read more >

ISU Degree Tackles the Many Faces of Climate Change

10/14/2008 // By NWF

  In May of 2007, Illinois State University’s Board of Trustees approved a new bachelor’s degree program in renewable energy. ISU is not the first school  to bring this sort of program into its academic catalog; Canton College of Technology […] Read more >

University of Florida Strives to Surpass LEED

10/14/2008 // By NWF

For universities serious about reducing their carbon footprint, compact fluorescent light bulbs just won’t cut it. Many are starting, quite literally, from the ground up, building highly efficient dorms, classrooms and libraries that can not only cut their carbon emissions […] Read more >

Student Fees Drive Campus Retrofits

10/14/2008 // By Xarissa Holdaway

It often takes more than a dedicated student club or well-intentioned administrator to transform campus operations, particularly when it comes to sustainability and energy efficiency. Rather, campus-wide commitment can be the best indicator of success, as at University of Tennessee. […] Read more >

Students Have Their Hands Full Saving Food, Energy and Water

10/14/2008 // By NWF

University and college dining halls across the country are beginning to sound a little different these days, as if there are a few less “clanks” and “clatters” mingled with mealtime conversations. This new silence can be attributed to the trend […] Read more >