Sustainability Student Success Story:

In 2007, college student Wyatt Taubman created the slogan “Think Green, Live Clean” while brainstorming ways to communicate sustainability to his peers. Hear how his experiences shaped this process and tips for creating change.

Campuses Save Money and the Environment With Zero-Waste Events

For many schools, zero-waste events are the first target they achieve in becoming a zero-waste campus.

Reduce, Reuse, ReTweet

The conversations that lead towards a sustainable society happen in many places–classrooms, coffeeshops, offices, student centers, fields, and mountains. More than any of these, however, the future of climate change …

A Kinder, Gentler Wrecking Ball

“Basically, when we deconstruct, we don’t get out the wrecking ball, we take the building apart.” That’s how Robert Keller, associate vice president for facility planning and operations at Miami …

Re-Energizing the Heartland

Graduating in Green: Community Colleges are Making Students Marketable

Into the Gap: Can Round-the-World Trips Justify Their Emissions Cost?

Learning from the Ancients: Passive Solar Design

NWF November 18, 2009 Passive solar design techniques have been employed by humans for centuries, going back as far as first century Greeks who designed entire south-facing communities to give …

Hands Off That Hood! Saving Energy in the Lab

NWF November 10, 2009 University laboratories are already known to consume five to ten times more energy than any other building on campus. Respectively, many energy-saving campaigns have been targeted …

Capturing Student Energy

Molly Murfee October 27, 2009   Student Peter Hoy used to think advertising was “evil,” an enterprise that supported the commercialism that depleted the world’s natural resources. But after one …

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