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Car Window Bingo, Anyone?

3/10/2011 // By Guest Author

Try These In-the-Car Activities to Keep Your Child Unplugged Read more >


Build the Best Snow Sculptures on the Block

12/28/2010 // By Guest Author

Tips and tricks for creating a wild snowscape to wow the neighbors Read more >


New Holidays to Celebrate Outdoors in 2011

12/17/2010 // By Guest Author

Got plans for Save a Spider Day? How about Plant a Flower Day? Read more >


8 Gifts to Inspire Outdoor Play

12/10/2010 // By Guest Author

This holiday season, give a gift that gets the kids off the couch and into the sunshine Read more >

An Earth Ethic—Revisited

11/24/2010 // By Larry Schweiger

(Cross-posted from National Wildlife magazine) HAVE YOU NOTICED that wild strawberries picked from tendrils growing in the most impoverished, barren soils have the sweetest fruits? In their struggle for moisture and nutrients, these small, cone-shaped berries enrich and sweeten far […] Read more >


Simple Holiday Crafts to Make With Your Kids

11/18/2010 // By Michele Reyzer

Use pinecones, twigs, and other natural objects to create inexpensive gifts for friends and family Read more >


Fun Winter Outdoor Activities for Families — To Beat Cabin Fever

11/10/2010 // By Guest Author

Cure your kids’ winter blues with these easy ideas for outdoor fun Read more >


How You and Your Kids Can Help Wildlife This Winter – In Your Own Backyard!

11/4/2010 // By Guest Author

Kids will love creating this live nature show—right outside their window! Read more >

Creating Earthly Connections

10/6/2010 // By Guest Author

How outdoor play inspires kids to care about the planet Read more >

Make Yourself At Home – Outdoors!

9/15/2010 // By Guest Author

Tips to bring nature closer—whether you have a backyard, deck, balcony, or a window Read more >