Hitting the Road to Protect the Arctic Refuge

Today, I’m proud to be an American.

I stood side by side earlier with people from all walks of life — and together we kicked off a nationwide campaign to keep oil drilling out of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. All of us there felt a shared sense of purpose: a sense those of us who believe in the enduring value of the refuge — standing united in the shadow of the nation’s Capitol, and all across the country — can win this effort to protect a spectacular wildlife treasure.

Starting this morning, two Arctic rally vans started a journey across America. They’ll stop at cities, towns, villages, summer fairs, festivals, Little League games and backyard barbecues — every place they can remind people what we stand to lose if oil companies set up shop in the heart of the Refuge. This is just the beginning: events are planned across the country to spread the message that our children and grandchildren deserve to inherit a place so spectacular that Alaskan Natives refer to it as the place “where life begins.”

But don’t wait for the vans or rallies to come to you. We have to act now. Starting today, we all need to speak to our neighbors and friends — and encourage them to speak to their neighbors and friends — until ultimately, our Congress hears the voices of millions of Americans who oppose Arctic drilling and want America to have a safer, cleaner and more secure energy future.

So call your members of Congress — and find out where they stand on drilling in the Arctic Refuge. Make sure to press them for clear answers; then, report their responses here at our website. And support the rally vans — for events in your area, please send a message to alerts@nwf.org.