It’s About…Well, Everything

I’ve always believed there’s no such thing as just an “environmental” issue – if it’s about protecting the environment, chances are, it’s also about protecting someone’s health, way of life, quality of life, the economy, or all of the above.

Our nation’s energy policy is a perfect example.  Fighting against drilling in the Arctic Refuge is about much more than protecting a pristine wildlife habitat, as important as that is.  It is about pushing our leaders to wake up to the reality that they need to find actual solutions to our nation’s energy needs.

High oil prices are hurting our economy.  Our dependence on oil poses risks for our national security – as a nation, we’re funneling billions of dollars in oil money every year to turbulent regimes in the Middle East. Our reliance on fossil fuels is contributing to global warming, and impacting the air quality in our most populous cities. And now, it’s giving the oil industry an excuse to try to pry open our nation’s largest, most pristine wildlife habitat.

Our nation can do better. We must – for a host of reasons.  Together, let’s make sure our leaders get that message.  Will you do your part?