House Budget + Senate Budget = Arctic Drilling?

Early this morning at 1:45 a.m., the House budget bill, sans Arctic drilling, passed by a vote of 217-215. It will now be combined with the Senate version of the budget bill and put to one final vote in both chambers.

Since this Senate version does have the drilling provision, there is a chance the final bill could still open the Arctic Refuge!

The decision will be hotly contested. Pro-drilling representatives from both houses have declared that if the final budget does not include drilling, they won’t vote for it. The courageous republicans who had the drilling provision stripped from the House budget last week have also made a promise to vote against any final bill with drilling.

Help us keep this final budget Refuge-free. Urge your representatives to keep the provision out of the final bill during conferencing. If it ends up in the bill, urge them to vote against it.