Time for Real Energy Policy

Barely a month has passed since bipartisan coalitions in both chambers of Congress rejected the eleventh-hour attempts to sneak Arctic Refuge drilling into a filibuster-proof budget bill and a must-pass funding bill for our troops. Even though Congress rejected both schemes, oil industry allies have already begun scheming about ways to sneak a new, short-sighted Arctic drilling proposal through Congress again this year.

The removal of Arctic drilling from both bills was a victory for the American people and for all of our public lands, as it signaled our nation’s determination toward realizing a diverse energy future based on clean energy solutions instead of dirty oil problems.

The victory was fueled by a groundswell of support from people like you from all across the country. Congress heard loud and clear that the American public does not want drilling in the Arctic Refuge, and they especially won’t stand for backdoor attempts to force bad legislation through behind closed doors.

A few of our representatives apparently missed this signal, though.

Energy Committee Chairman Pete Domenici and others have threatened to–once again–work to ensure that Arctic drilling is attached to a budget package, despite the fact that they failed to garner the support to pass this same manuever last year.

During the next few months, the President and Congress will be developing a new federal budget. Contact your representatives today and tell them that Americans want a clean Congress and a clean energy plan, not politicians who will bend the rules for Big Oil and the drilling lobby. Leave Arctic drilling off of the federal budget bill.