Campuses Taking the Lead on Global Warming Solutions

Yearbook20entry20photo25_1"Sea-bed plan to store carbon", a recent BBC News article, details the theory that storing carbon dioxide under the sea could help to reduce global warming and will probably pose no threat to marine life. Like this one, there are many solid solutions being used to slow global warming: purchasing renewable energy, using biodiesel in vehicles, installing energy efficient lighting, switching to geothermal power, etc. And U.S. colleges and universities have taken the lead.

At Bemidji State University an NWF Campus Ecology Fellow gained the support of the student body and encouraged the administration to purchase wind energy, Cape Cod Community College has installed a 1.5 kilowatt wind turbine, and Mount Wachusett Community College is heated primarily by a biomass plant which has helped the college cut its electricity use by more than 23 percent in the past two years.

Photo Credit: University of Southern Maine, Sarah Ferriter, 2004 Biodiesel Demonstration Week