Hasta la vista, Global Warming!!

The "Governator," California’s own Arnold Schwarzenegger, has decided to take up the fight against global warming!  California will be the first state to set greenhouse gas emission caps on utilities, manufacturing plants, and refineries.  California will place a greater emphasis on renewable, clean energy and cleaner, more efficient cars.  This puts California on a path to reduce its emissions by 25% by 2025! 

The governor and democratic supporters did face criticism and opposition from other lawmakers and business leaders.  They criticized the legislation saying that it would be incredibly costly and in return will require the industry to scale down.  Unfortunately for the opposition, a UC Berkley study shows that 89,000 new jobs would be added to California’s economy by switching to clean energy!

As California becomes the first state to take this sort of action, we hope many more follow, (including the federal government), and look forward to seeing how the administration solves the problems that come with any new venture.

Published: September 27, 2006