MTV is on board! Why aren’t you?

Ccc_badge_120x120_1 On September 6 MTV and the Campus Climate Challenge launched the “Break the Addiction Challenge,” a nationwide competition to challenge millions of high school and college-age youth to stop global warming starting at their own schools. The Campus Challenge is a campaign of the Energy Action Coalition, a coalition made up of more than 30 leading youth and environmental organizations throughout the U.S.and Canada, including NWF’s Campus Ecology Program. NWF’s Campus Ecology team is helping to lead The Challenge on more than 200 college and university campuses and asking each campus to commit to a 2% reduction of carbon emissions each year.

The Break the Addiction Challenge will reward five schools this fall that have had garnered media coverage of their campus activities, will recognize two schools in the spring for achieving a 100% clean energy policy, and at the end of the year, MTV will recognize the schools that did the overall best job of organizing the Campus Climate Challenge –- passing strong policies to reduce global warming pollution and educating the campus community on global warming and solutions to this problem. Are you and your campus up for the Challenge

Photo credit: Energy Action Coalition’s Campus Climate Challenge.

Published: September 8, 2006