December, 2006

Polar Bear Deserves Protection

This is a wake up call. It’s haunting to visualize polar bears literally drowning from global warming, unable to swim the increasingly longer distances between declining sea ice and land. … Read more

Polar Bears Threatened by Global Warming?

The Bush administration is continuing to “look into” the potential problem of global warming, announcing today that polar bears might need to be listed as threatened under the Endangered Species … Read more

Global Warming Cutting Into Bear Naptime

Apparently global warming hasn’t heard the phrase “let sleeping bears lie.” Spain’s balmy winter is affecting the animals’ hibernation cycles: Climate Change vs Mother Nature Scientists reveal that bears have … Read more

The Best Gift You Can Give to Your Children

During the holidays, we encounter wildlife in all “the old familiar places” as the popular song would have it…in department store displays…greeting cards…decorated homes and even a few rooftops. There … Read more


With the stroke of a pen, Oberlin took a leadership role in environmental stewardship last month when President Nancy Dye established Oberlin as one of the nation’s first institutions of … Read more

Businesses Making a Difference for Wildlife

Last week, Limited Brands, the parent company of Victoria’s Secret, announced that they will stop using paper from endangered Boreal forests and they will also increase the amount of recycled … Read more

Tribes speak out on Global Warming

With thousands of years of traditional knowledge and a deep connection to nature, native Americans are important eyewitnesses to our changing planet.  We believe native people can play a significant … Read more

2007 Campus Ecology Fellowship Opportunity

NWF is looking for undergraduate and graduate students dedicated to confronting global warming on campus to become our 2007 Campus Ecology Fellows. We encourage sustainability task forces, environmental committees, or … Read more