May, 2007

President Bush Stalling on Global Warming

  |   May 31, 2007

President Bush, in another stalling tactic today, called for international meetings on global warming that would not produce results until after the presidential election in 2008, in the final months …

NASA: Danger Point Closer Than Thought From Warming

New research by NASA and the Columbia University Earth Institute suggests that greater urgency is needed to address climate change than what the IPCC recently reported.  NASA warns that just …

Inuit Skating on Thin Ice

Inuits of the Arctic are at an increasing risk from global warming, as the thinning ice is causing a rising number of hunters to fall to their deaths.  Read the …

Vibrio Bacteria a Bigger Threat to Swimmers than Sharks as Northern Waters Warm

Rising water temperatures due to global warming have allowed a man-eating bacteria called Vibrio to move north, dramatically increasing the number of people afflicted by it.  Warning: This article includes …

Our Podcasts for Global Warming Solutions

Rachael Carson Turns 100 Today

Moratorium on Ocean Going Ships in the Great Lakes

On Sen. Norm Coleman co-sponsoring the Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act

  |   May 23, 2007

Global warming is the defining issue of the 21st century, and I am tremendously pleased that Senator Coleman (R-MN) is going to be a leader in advancing solutions.   I …

Celebrating Endangered Species Day and Biodiversity

Excitement and anticipation filled the air. Despite the cool and dreary weather spirits were high and no amount of rain would ruin our day. People of all different ages and …

Hey You…

  |   May 18, 2007

Madonna has written an exclusive song for the upcoming Live Earth Concert, which will be an unprecedented event reaching out to 2 billion people on the urgent need to wake …

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