October, 2007

Americans Say: Global Warming is an Election Issue

A recent poll showed that 40 percent of Americans feel that a candidate’s position on global warming would be extremely important or very important deciding factor in the upcoming presidential … Read more

Global Warming May Make Humidity Worse

The world isn’t just getting hotter from man-made global warming, it’s getting stickier. The amount of moisture in the air near the surface the stuff that makes hot weather unbearable … Read more

Have you Chilled Out yet?

The National Wildlife Federation is hosting our second annual national competition called Chill Out! Campus Solutions to Global Warming. The purpose of the contest is to spotlight solutions to global warming … Read more

Chesapeake Bay and Global Warming

I have fond memories of trolling the lower Potomac River on foggy autumn mornings, while nearby watermen "tonged" for oysters and gulls swarmed the skiffs. The Chesapeake Bay has long … Read more

Corps Reform Measures Included in WRDA

The Water Resources Development Act, which has passed both the House and Senate, includes key reform measures that would help better protect and mitigate for the loss of wetlands and … Read more

Arctic Melt Unnerves the Experts

  The Arctic ice cap shrank so much this summer that waves briefly lapped along two long-imagined Arctic shipping routes, the Northwest Passage over Canada and the Northern Sea Route … Read more

Chesapeake Bay's Habitats Threatened By Global Warming

NWF’s new report on the impact of global warming on the Chesapeake Bay calls for a major shift in how land is managed in the bay to protect the nation’s … Read more

Dingell stirs debate over carbon tax

Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.) this week threw a new wrinkle into the debate over how the United States should respond to global warming with a proposal to create a new … Read more

Sportsmen and Women Target Congress on Climate Action

Dozens of hunters and anglers from across the nation descended on Capitol Hill last week, asking their members of Congress to take strong action on climate change. Organized by the … Read more

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