March, 2008

Race Car Driver Aims to Put Brakes on Global Warming

Leilani Munter Gets Behind Climate Security Act NWF accompanied Indy Car driver Leilani Munter as she visited members of congress to advocate for action on climate change. Read the entire … Read more

Loans program for coal plants suspended

The federal government is suspending a major loan program for coal-fired power plants in rural communities, saying the uncertainties of climate change and rising construction costs make the loans too … Read more

WA legislature moves to cut greenhouse emissions

The WA state legislature this week committed Washington to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and investing in "green economy jobs." Read the entire story here. Read more

Babson College Announces Wind Energy Installation

Babson College, a Boston-area university that is consistently ranked #1 by US News and World Report for Entrepreneurship programs, recently announced plans for the installation of a demonstration wind turbine. … Read more

What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been (Or: How I Found a Home at Heartland)

While I’m blogging from inside the Heartland Institute’s global warming denier conference today, I spent the first two hours of the event on the outside looking in. When I went … Read more

The Real Enemies: Liberal Media, Pop Culture, Hollywood Elites

I went to a session at the Heartland Institute’s conference in New York City yesterday called “Climate Change Politics.” Guess what didn’t come up until the Q&A? Politics. So what … Read more

The Real Underdogs

Desperately underfunded and hopelessly outgunned. There’s a real underdog in this climate fight. Think 1980 U.S. hockey team. Think Rocky. It’s ExxonMobil. That’s the consensus here at the Heartland Institute’s … Read more

Metropolis Mag Profiles Carbon-Cutting Universities

It’s been a while, we know. We’re sorry! To make it up to you, we’re tipping you off to a great article in February’s Metropolis magazine. It’s titled Carbon Neutral … Read more

Liveblogging Global Warming Denier Conference, Day 2: The Search for Science

And we’re back! It’s the second and final day of sessions here at the Heartland Institute’s global warming denial conference. You can check out all the posts from day one … Read more

Heartland Institute: Following the Money Trail

Global warming deniers spare no expense. The Heartland Institute’s “2008 International Conference on Climate Change” is being held at the Marriott Grand Marquis Times Square. The seminars are spread over … Read more