NYT Magazine’s Green Issue Profiles Campus Efforts

NWF   |   April 20, 2008

I spent a few hours this morning reading through the New York Times Magazine’s intensive survey of new green projects in buildings, energy, food, transportation, lifestyle and technology. There are some interesting new developments, as well as plenty of caveats for the possibility of negative unintended consequences, and a vast difference of opinion in regards to the efficacy of government involvement in emissions.

The section titled "Learn"
mentions higher education institutions (as well as public schools) that
are making serious progress in fighting climate change, such as the
University of Washington, Carleton, Harvard, MIT, and Middlebury
College. The article also mentions the Energy Action Coalition, which
started the Campus Climate Challenge. Take some time to browse; the NYT’s report will mean that some of these projects will be receiving a lot more attention in future!