Day 2: The Senate Debates Climate Security Act

NWF   |   June 3, 2008

The U.S. Senate began discussion yesterday on the Boxer-Lieberman-Warner America’s Climate Security Act, but there is still misinformation suggesting that Lieberman-Warner would increase petroleum prices nearly 6% or higher in the next 7 years. What those studies don’t say, while they overstate the costs, is that this plan will create thousands of new jobs for Americans and help restore our ability to compete on the field of innovation and ideas. The polls commissioned by opponents of the bill readily report that the majority of Americans oppose the higher energy costs, but they neglect to ask those same Americans whether they would support the creation of new industries and green collar jobs that help to preserve the environment and our economy.

This recent holiday weekend is proof positive that rising gas prices are pinching the pocketbooks of all Americans. There were widespread reports of people driving less, on a holiday weekend designed to honor our soldiers around the country and around the world. That’s why legislation like Climate Security Act is vital to our country’s growth and prosperity. I hope that this time next year, we’ll all be driving fuel efficient vehicles that meet higher emissions standards. With any luck and a little legislative courage, there won’t be any pain at the pump, because hybrid technology and alternative energy will have moved us well past 30 or 40 miles per gallon.The vote Climate Security Act is coming up fast, and we can’t afford anything less than 60 affirmative votes. The one issue that all three presidential candidates agree on is the one that’s too important too ignore.

Please Call your senator today and urge the to vote for yes for the Climate Security Act

Dawn Randolph, NWF

Published: June 3, 2008