NWF Goes to the RNC Convention

NWF President Larry Schweiger and a number of staff attended the RNC convention in St. Paul last week. It was a chance to release the polling results about sportsmen and their concerns about climate and energy solutions to the Republican delegates, elected officials and press.

The highlight of Tuesday night was a visit to the Milk and Cookies event hosted by South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. He seemed please to see guests from NWF and proclaimed "We are going to work on that climate"!

The highlight Wednesday night for me anyway was seeing Gov. Mike Huckabee and his band Capitol Offense. The Huck plays a mean guitar!

Gustav not only affected the opening session of the Republican National Convention but it also caused a change of Ranger Rick’s travel plans. Ranger Rick, unfortunately, was not able to make an appearance at the RNC convention in St. Paul. Apologies to the convention goers that are Ranger Rick fans.

Here are photos and blof of Ranger Rick’s advantures in Denver.

Sue Brown
Senior Director, Activism
National Wildlife Federation

Published: September 8, 2008