A Sub-Prime Energy Future

NWF   |   October 6, 2008

Featurepronghornreddesert100608 Field and Stream recently ran my opinion piece on oil shale: A Sub-Prime Energy Future on their home page.

By doing Big Oil’s bidding and allowing the offshore drilling and commercial oil shale moratoriums to expire, Congress has failed to protect the interests of Americans in general, and hunters and anglers in particular. Though largely overshadowed in the national discussion, commercial oil shale drilling in the West is a sub-prime investment that America cannot afford, because it endangers scarce water resources, wildlife and recreation habitat and is a step backward for the climate.

Meanwhile, we are shutting the door on millions of Americans who are waiting for the good paying jobs that Made-in-America clean energy technologies could produce. But these investments, which would recharge America’s economy, are losing ground to Big Oil’s multi-million dollar campaign to "drill, baby, drill."

Oil shale is the poster child for a sub-prime investment in our energy future.

Larry Schweiger

Published: October 6, 2008