Help Create Jobs and Protect Wildlife

We all know that these are some tough times for our country’s economy–and as a conservationist, I find myself not only concerned about the impact of our economy on my family, friends and neighbors, but also on the wildlife and natural resources I cherish.

And yet–I take hope in being certain that we do not need to sacrifice our natural resources to help revive our economy–or vice versa. And, I take even more hope in knowing that our newly elected officials are increasingly realizing this as well.

President-elect Obama, as well as numerous Members of Congress, have already acknowledged that enacting legislation to confront the country’s immediate economic needs can serve as a groundbreaking step in creating a bold new direction for our economy—one that makes investments that would not only spur employment growth, but guide us to a clean energy economy while also protecting wildlife and restoring our natural resources..

This bold new direction for our economy can create millions of made-in-America jobs. It calls for restoration programs that need workers to remove invasive species and plant native wildlife. It helps expand conservation corps programs and bring sustainability education in high schools and universities so that our students thrive in a clean energy economy. Furthermore, the clean energy economy creates “shovel ready” jobs such as installing solar panels, building wind turbines and retrofitting homes.

It’s important that we let this incoming administration and new Congress see the widespread support for this new beginning for our country’s economy, so that it doesn’t get drowned out among the voices calling for more of the same.

Please consider taking just a quick moment today to send this message to our country’s new decision makers, asking them to support a bold new economic policy that works for people and wildlife!

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Published: January 13, 2009