Austin Named Largest Community Wildlife Habitat In The U.S.

Austin, Texas has been named the largest city in the country and the first city in Texas to be certified as a community wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.

In a ceremony this month, NWF's Kevin Coyle presented the mayor of Austin with a plaque recognizing the city's achievement.

“Birds, butterflies and other wildlife need this kind of help to survive and thrive in urban areas,” Coyle said. “This program does more than just create sorely needed wildlife habitat. It also educates and inspires people to think about other ways they can live in closer harmony with the natural world.”

More than 900 Austin residences are now Certified Wildlife Habitat® sites. In addition, 15 businesses, 25 school grounds, four church grounds, and 14 parks have been certified through the program.

“I’m proud to be one of the more than 900 homeowners who have discovered that having a garden filled with birds and butterflies is hardly a sacrifice,” said Council Member Lee Leffingwell, who certified his own yard in 2007. “Our wildlife garden is an improvement to our house, and the fact that it saves water and requires less maintenance is a bonus.”

Published: March 25, 2009